Everyone wants to live their dream, do work they love, travel the world and have money flow into their bank account, be fit and healthy, live on purpose and become the best they can be.

This reality IS available to everyone, including YOU! There is no prerequisIte or minimum entry requirements into this life in the way you might think.

The absolute GENIUS of this world we live in, is that at any moment in time, ANY moment at all – you have this DIVINE power within you, which is called CHOICE. And you may use this divine power at any moment in time, to shift the reality that you are currently in.

All it takes is a unwavering desire, commitment, resilience, tenacity, persistence and a total surrender to the TRUTH of who you are and what you are called to do in the world.

Here are 10 ways for you to BOSS up, OWN it and SHINE, baby SHINE!

1. Know How To Put Yourself FIRST

This is not selfish. This is not disregarding your responsibilities and running off with the fairies. This is very simply, you – looking after you – so that you can become the best you can be.

Loving yourself is about taking care of yourself. Filling up your own cup and giving to others, the world from a place of love, not resentment. Giving from a place of resentment is ugly. And it’s a downward spiral into misery. Don’t do that.

Instead, learn how to say no.
Look at your boundaries, or lack of and decide on what you’re willing to accept and what has to G.O.

2. Have Big Crazy Ass Goals

Stop chickening out of what it is that you really, truly desire. It’s not humbling… It’s SELFISH! Plus, anything less than what you really truly desire and you won’t be motivated to take action because it is not your truth.

If you have big, crazy dreams and goals – if you can see them in your mind’s eye and you’ve been dreaming about these same things, over and over again, pretty much since you can remember – then darling, let me tell you – it’s REAL.

Your soul has been speaking to you honey. LISTEN. Because that’s where the gold is!

It’s your PATH, your DESTINY and your CALLING.
But only if you choose to FOLLOW it.

3. Inspire People

Stop being so damn stuck in your own head. I mean, truthfully, you already know that you’re inspiring right? People tell you so all the damn time. They just want to be around you – soak up some of that rockstar energy that you radiate.

So, why.
Are you sitting behind that desk
Or the laptop
In that shitty job / bad relationship / fat body / city that doesn’t expand you / life that doesn’t inspire you –
Hiding that greatness within you?

Stop second guessing yourself, you were born for the world stage.
Get out of your own way and INSPIRE the world.
Live by example and SHINE.

4. Be Passionate About What You DO

What is it that you LOVE to do?
What would you do if you never had to worry about money again?

Guess what?
If you DO that, you’ll never have to worry about money again!
I know, paradox right?

It’s not enough to do something you’re good at, if you’re not also passionate about it. True success at crazy high levels comes from PASSION. So when you wake up every day, you can’t WAIT to get to work on this thing called YOUR DREAM LIFE and BUSINESS!

5. Just KNOW You’re Going To Be Successful

Own it. Claim it. It’s yours for the taking.
You are the creator of your own reality.
You run this mofo.
You are the authority in your own life.
Decide to just KNOW and EMBODY your success, now!
Because when you know,
You just know.
And what you know,

6. Let Out Your Charisma and Charm

Nobody likes a boring, dry and unsociable person. You want to make it BIG baby? You’ve gotta have something people want, crave, long for – they want to see in you what they know is deep inside of them. And if you want to simply entertain, then you’ve gotta entertain! Perform, be the rockstar that you are.

The world is your stage.
Your life is your masterpiece of ART and you;
You lovely lady are the performing artist.

7. Own Your Relentless Focus and Drive

You want to create your epic, LUXE life? The lifestyle, the business, the wealth, the health, the body. You want to HAVE IT ALL – then sister, you’ve got to focus on having it all, all of the time. Day in day out, day after day, after day.

No distractions. No diversions. No detours. Focus one MILLION percent on what it is that you desire, all of it – all at once.
At the exclusion of everything else. So just to be clear, what I mean is that you can’t say – this month, I focus on my business and I’ll worry about my health next month. DOES. NOT. WORK!

It’s a juggling act for sure. But you won’t be your best in business if you’re sacrificing your health. Or you won’t be a great Mum / Dad / Family member if you’re all health and business and have no time left for family.

8. You Don’t Allow People To Dis Your Hustle

Most people will tell you you’re being crazy. Obsessive. That you should relax, take a break, take it easy. Most people are NOT living the life you want to live! So are you going to listen to them?

Here’s a piece of advice for you;

Anyway, most people don’t understand the absolute OBSESSION you find yourself in when you’re in flow.
When you’re aligned and on purpose.
When you’re doing work you love.
When every day is amazing, fabulous and you’re listening to your SOUL and you’re following the guidance.

They’re coming from a place of slaving away at a JOB that takes away from their real life. Don’t let them dis your hustle.

9. You Embrace Learning and You Invest In Yourself

You’ll never be done. You’ll never know it all. And if you ever find yourself saying you DO; check yo’ self!
The universe is limitless.
The knowledge that you are capable of tapping into is limitless. The ideas that are out there in the ether are limitless and so if you ever think you’re done. You’re kidding yourself.

The best part about this is there are people out there that have been where you are, that are soul and light workers whose purpose to to shine the light for you and show you the way. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can make it on your own. Invest in yourself and get some freaking help. There’s no shame in putting your hand up.

10. You Handle Your Finances Like A Boss

Nothing screams BITCH HAS GOT IT GOIN’ ON like a woman who is financially independent. Don’t stick your head in the clouds when it comes to your finances, thinking that it will just go away – that somehow in one fell swoop that it will all come together and fix itself.

Don’t deny that money is super important either. Yes, you want to do your soul work. And yes, you want to live the LUXE life. If you want to do both, in a way that allows you to have freedom and choice, with a perfect manicure and handbag in tow, then yes -you’re going to have to get with the program when it comes to your finances.

Take time daily to focus on your finances, just like you would with your health and body, your business, your mindset and spritual practice and your important relationships.

At the end of the day, I know you want to lay your head down, knowing that today – you gave it your ALL. Knowing that tomorrow, you’ll get up and you’ll give it that 1 percent more.

Here’s the thing. You can sit pretty where you’re at right now and live a life that is kinda, ok, fine, a few peak moments and some forced laughter.

Or you can STAND UP and give in to your soul’s calling. Go ALL IN on the life that will make you scream FUCK YES!
If you’re going to do it
Do it BIG
Do it with STYLE
Do it with SOUL.


You and I, one on one
Working intimately together, on the daily

To get you ON PURPOSE baby.
To become ALL you are meant to be
To LIVE the life you were born for.

Tap into your purpose, your calling, your message and your mission.
Get out of your own way and finally stand in that POWER and SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!
Make money doing work you LOVE and create the LUXE life as well as the impact and difference!

Don’t waste another day living the wrong damn life.
Stand up and give in to your soul’s calling!
The life you dream of is already here, waiting for you to stand up and claim it!

You already know one of these places is yours.
You can feel it in your gut.
It’s because you and I, we’re already connected baby.
Our higher selves have already decided, this –


Let’s get your SHOW on the ROAD!

Click here to apply now!

Much Love,

Christine X

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