Welcome Sister

We are all different, we are all unique. We each OWN our individuality and bring it to the world, no apologies and no excuses.

It’s All about your dreams



I don’t think we are very different at all. We might have unique stories, but the truth is ­underneath it all, we’re the same.

We have a burning desire to do more, be more, have and create more.

Truth is ­ you’ve always known that you’re different. You’ve always felt that little niggle, the tap on the shoulder screaming for your attention.

And you know that NOW is the time to face it.
There is no more tomorrow, next week, next month. There is only NOW.
What happened to your big crazy ass dreams girl?

Getting up every single day and attacking it with power, passion and purpose.
And building that EMPIRE you’ve been writing, dreaming and talking about?
Going to work doing what you love and making a killing being the real you.
And having a man that loves you for YOU? One that doesn’t clip your wings, instead loves you for YOU.

I know this all too well ­ because, well ­ it’s my story. Until finally ­ I’d had it!

I decided I was no longer going to tone down the real me. Out came the strong, independent woman who has big crazy ass dreams and is not afraid to go out there and make them happen. The SICKBITCH.

I was no longer going to sell my soul to a corporate for six figures and walk around being miserable. Instead, I was going to create my EMPIRE. Where I could just be ME.

I wanted it ALL and I wanted it YESTERDAY. I wanted the LIFE, the BIZ and the BODY.
I thought I had it all going on, until I realised that creating the LIFE, the BIZ and the BODY on my own was hard, too hard!!

I had nobody to talk to that really got, that didn’t think I was CRAZY (which, by the way, I am!). Nobody to bounce ideas off and to reach out to in times of success of despair.

I never EVER wanted another woman to go through what I did. To struggle and feel so alone.

How we make shit happen


Wake up and take stock of where you are right now, where you want to be in your life, career, business and health.


Don’t bullshit yourself. Develop an actionable plan to get you EXACTLY where you WANT and DESERVE to be.

Keep your shit together

ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT from me and our Sick Bitch Sisters.


Make things happen! Learn to absolutely DOMINATE and live your perfect SickBitch Lifestyle.

My motivation

The memory of my pain motivates me.
The memory of that miserable life I led for so long,
when all that I ever wanted was only a side step away.

Yet at the time, it just seemed so, well – impossible.

I wish back then, somebody just shook me, HARD and gave me a good dose of reality. Held my hand and told me it was all going to be ok.

Maybe even gave me the tools and the resources I needed to make the shift and create the empire I’d been dreaming of.

My mission is to help women like you to make the transition easier by giving you all the tools and resources you need to build a life and business completely by your own rules. And to hold the space for a collective of women who have each others’ backs.

I never EVER wanted another woman to go through what I did, to struggle and feel so alone.

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