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How To Have It All, NOW

You can have it all and you can have it NOW. No, this isn’t some hypothetical bullshit, nonsense that I’m trying to feed you. I’m going to share with exactly how you can have it all and how you can have it NOW. See, there are people out there that will tell you to take […]

I’m NOT A Good Woman

I won’t sit pretty And clean your plate Cook your dinner in an apron With a smile on my face I won’t only speak When I’m spoken to Keep my mouth shut To keep you from feeling blue I speak up When I have something to say I won’t fall behind you I shine my […]

Deal With Your Sabotagey Ways and My Latest SPAT

Have you ever decided you’ve had enough of something, you want to elevate your life in some or let’s face it, ALL areas? Then WHAM out of nowhere, some sort of illness hits you like a tonne of bricks, causing you to pull the reins on what you’ve COMMITTED to? Or when things are on […]

The truth about DOMINATING

I’ve received a few messages and emails recently along these lines: “Dominating..? That sounds exhausting” “High achieving? No thanks, I did that and I missed out on my son’s childhood.” Um, let me tell you sister. YOU’VE GOT IT WRONG! The truth about DOMINATING is that it is anything BUT exhausting. It is so fucking […]

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall…

Everything you have in your life right now, good, bad, indifferent, eye roll material. It is what it is because you’ve created it, or allowed it. You must take personal responsibility for it, ALL. Stop pointing the finger at everyone or everything else. It’s not the men, it’s not your mum, your dad, your family, […]

How To Know If You’re Worth It

I didn’t always love myself. I didn’t always have my own back. I didn’t always make choices that were right for me. I used to despise myself. I couldn’t bare to look in the mirror. I never wanted to look myself in the eyes, it was too confronting. Everything in my life was a mess […]

Resist or Receive – You Can’t Do Both!

You know resistance takes more effort than actually DOING the thing, right? So, stop fighting. It’s your fight against the doing that is exhausting. It’s the excuse you keep making that is exhausting. It’s the avoidance of those very things you SAY you want that is exhausting. Depleting your energy. You know if you just […]

What They Forgot To Tell You About Manifestation

Dream big, they say. Visualise where you want to go, they say. What about what they don’t say? I hate to break it to you, but they are forgetting one really important part of the equation. And I see too many people getting really caught up, disillusioned even when they’re aiming big, reaching high for […]

Living In Ecstasy

It’s no secret that my relationship history has been, um – TERRIBLE. It was a very steep and slippery slope from good to bad, to terrible to shocking. Searching for acceptance and validation from men – being who they wanted me to be. I didn’t know I was doing it at the time, it’s only […]

Do You Know You’re REALLY Alive?

Isn’t the point of being alive to FEEL alive? Journaling this morning, a quote from the Lizard King, Jim Morrison himself popped into my head and has not left me. The quote is this: How many of you people know you’re alive? How many of you people know you’re REALLY alive? I asked myself the […]


Don’t let it get you down sister. It’s just trying to divert you, back onto the path of average where apparently, it’s comfortable. The path you’re paving isn’t one that is pain free, stress free, guilt free or free of hurdles. You know this, but the return to the average path has now become MORE […]


I overheard a conversation the other day that took me back in time. I’ll set the scene a little. This woman has been working at the same large corporate since the beginning of her career. She’s in her 30’s, so I’m assuming it would be around 10 years. The conversation on her side, went like […]


An empowered woman always come from love, from the soul and with the best of the intentions for the greater good An insecure woman always comes from ego and makes everything about her An empowered woman lifts other women up An insecure woman pretends to lift and be supportive, yet deep down inside is a […]


Keeping it totally real for you. Because that’s how I roll. 1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT I always bang on about this one. How the fuck do you think you’re going to get to where you want to go, if you haven’t worked out where you want to go. It still bamboozles me how many […]

The Hour Of Power

If you’re getting up in the morning and you’re not setting yourself up right, then guess what? You’re on a slippery slope downhill for the rest of the day. There was a time where I would get up every day and the first thoughts in my mind were all let’s just say – negative. I […]

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