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Him: You’re one of those high maintenance chicks aren’t you? Me: Um, NO! What makes you think that? Him: Because you would want to work, like have a career and stuff. Me: Ah, yes that’s right. I’d consider that LOW maintenance. I’ve always been financially independent and I wouldn’t want to sit at home and […]

Do It Anyway!

Last night I booked in for my 75 min hot yoga class. This morning when I woke up, I REALLY did not want to go. My mind was coming up with every excuse to pull the pin. I went anyway. When I walked out, I felt relaxed, like I had more space in my body, […]

Stop Being So Fucking Bland!

As a very little girl I used to write a lot Pen to paper anytime I found myself in a spot My mind would go crazy Energy abound Imagination screaming To be expressed out loud Lots of little poems To explain what I felt Sometimes what I saw  Whatever needed to be dealt Along the […]

I Got The Money!

In my family, there’s this tradition around New Year. Typically it happens around the Orthodox New Year, which falls on the 14th Jan, but my dear Grandmother has decided to smack this tradition on the calendar new year lately. So it goes a little something like this … My grandmother makes a pastry which in […]

How To Be A MACHINE and SMASH 2016!

Know Your End Game Have a crazy massive big picture in your mind, in your heart, in your SOUL for where you’re going, what you’re working towards, who you choose to be, how you want your relationships to be, your body, your health. Basically everything. If you want to smash 2016, you’ve gotta get really […]

Why You’re Not THERE Yet

The mistake a lot of people make is that they look at whatever change it is that they want to achieve, right? They start searching around for what they have to DO. You want to lose weight, you start looking around at diets, exercise programs, quick fixes – maybe, the latest supplements. Even though this […]

How To Bring Overwhelm To Its Knees

Feeling overwhelmed?  Stuck?  Don’t know where to start?  You know when you’ve got a to-do list a million miles long and a journal filled with visions, goals and loose plans, maybe even some deadlines attached. Overwhelm.  It can stop you dead in your tracks. No matter how productive, efficient or committed you are – if […]

Stop Pushing Shit Uphill

You know when no matter how much you relax, chill out and take it easy, you still feel drained, exhausted and all over the place? Like everything you’re thinking and doing feels like you’re pushing shit uphill and never actually getting anywhere. With each step, you’re stoping the rest of the stuff from tumbling back […]

The RESULTS – Part 2

Julia Esposito. This beautiful girl, is just well – BEAUTIFUL. Julia started off as one of my personal training clients many years ago when I was running a PT business on the side of my corporate career. And now, with her upcoming engagement and nuptials, it was time to whip herself into shit HOT shape. […]

The Results – Part 1

Ashley Black As I first lay eyes on her, what I noticed was her impeccable makeup, her fabulous outfit and the red lips. She had an air of sexiness and and abundance of sass about her that oozed as she spoke and made her way around the room. It impressed me. But it was only […]

The Harsh Truth About Work/Life Balance

Don’t you just wish there were more hours in the day? That you weren’t bombarded by emails at work and phone calls from every single person before 9am? How about the time to just sit down and check in with yourself? And that waxing/hair/nail appointment – you could do with a pedicure now that the […]

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