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The Few Who Do Versus The Many Who Don’t

There’s a difference between the people who so called, succeed and make it and the people who don’t. Can you guess what it is? It’s not likely what you think it is. The main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is very simply – The way they THINK. People that stay stuck and stagnant come […]

Stare Death In the Face and LIVE

Today, I wanted to talk about HOPE. Before I do, I’ll backtrack and talk about a personal story which really got me thinking over the past few days. Last week, I got some bad news from one of my girlfriends. This is a girlfriend who I’ve known for many years. She is like a sister […]


There’s a big difference between saying you’re being the real you and ACTUALLY being the real you. Our lives are a story. We create our own story right, well – at least we have the power to do that. Whether we actually do it or not is another thing. It’s much easier said than done. […]

Are You A SickBitch?

I can see that little smirk on your face It’s all good, I’m with you sister. We’ve always known we’re different. There’s a fire deep inside you. It’s always been there and as much as we tried to extinguish it in the past, it may have dulled, but never EVER has it gone out. Try […]

Get Your Head In The Game

Here’s the thing. You’re NEVER going to get the life, the biz, the money, the body – if you do things only when you FEEL like it. Don’t be fooled, while the formula, strategy or program to achieve the life, biz, body is not complex, it’s not some convoluted mathematical equation that means it’s difficult […]

How to Brainwash Yourself To Succeed

What is it that you’re feeding your brain every day sister? Are you actively working towards shifting your focus onto what you DO want or are you wallowing in your misery and focusing on all the stuff that isn’t where you want it to be yet? Because here’s the thing – What you feed your […]

I am just me

In a world that is trying to make everyone carbon copies of each other. Here I am, Standing up and claiming my own life, Claiming my own style, Claiming my own way, My own attitude. I’m a woman who wants to be free to experience all this big wide world has to offer, And all […]

I Never Reach My Goals

Yep – I never reach my goals. I’m always behind and it’s as though I’m always continuously reaching. I’m on my tippy toes in the highest of high heels and my arm is stretched way above my head, my fingers reaching – like a yoga instructor tells you, reach a little further, a little further. […]

I’ll Never End Up Like Them

You know there’s more to life than that, right? I always did. Ever since I can remember, I had these weird ideas for how I was going to live, what I was going to do and who I wanted to be. I remember looking at those around me – friends, family, colleagues and outsiders and […]

Never Happy, Never Done

Oh – so you think you can set and forget, do you? You think that because you’ve sat back and decided this is what you want, how you want it and when you want it that you can leave it packed away in your journal never to be looked at again? How can I say […]

Retreating with my ladies

The past three days, I have been on retreat with 2 amazing entrepreneurial women. There is something so powerful about immersing yourself in an environment of exploration and inspiration with likeminded women who just GET you. It’s all good and well to go away on a retreat and relax.   To be honest, the first […]

Ruthless. Relentless. Real

Wanna live your ultimate lifestyle and create that crazy business you’ve been dreaming about? Well guess what – It ain’t going to happen on the sidelines. It ain’t going to happen in 5 minutes either. And it sure as hell isn’t going to happen if all you do is dip your toe in the water. […]

The Motivation Formula

I FOUND IT!! I think we can all agree, there are so many times that we hear ourselves, or people around us talking about how they just can’t get MOTIVATED. And so they (or maybe YOU) hang your hat on the fact that – oh well, you just CAN’T get motivated and that means that […]

Let’s Get Naked

Are you really being YOU in your life and in your business? Not some half assed or censored version of who you really are – but the real, down and dirty YOU? No holds barred, no pretence and no professional front. You. 100%. Unapologetically. Do you say the things that most people hide behind a […]

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