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The Richest Man In Bali

This is Commando. He’s 24, Balinese and he has the vision and intention to become the richest man in Bali. Oh – he’s also as cool as fuck. Commando has been our right hand man while here in Bali.  His occupation is a taxi driver and he’s so happy, because he has his dream job. […]

What Did You Think Motherhood Was?

Something’s been going on lately that has really had me bamboozled. Here’s what it is. Mothers who are Type A high achieving women, struggling with the juggling act of being a mum, a GOOD mum, whatever that means and being themselves- I’m still explaining, keep going… Being themselves in business and in life- Still going… […]

You’ve Got To Reach

Doesn’t it piss you off when you see people, women walking around with all these self imposed restrictions and limitations about who they are, who they can be, what they can do, and how they can live? I see it every day. Are you doing it too? It is the most frustrating thing EVER isn’t […]

I’m Not The Marrying Kind

For a very long time, well.. let me be honest here. Ever since I can remember, I have never really WANTED or LONGED to be a bride. The idea of a big fairy tale wedding would make me nauseous. I never wanted the big white dress, the big production, lots of people and being the […]

Fuck The Plan

Are you the type of person who knows where she’s going, when she’s going and exactly how she’s going to get there? You diligently spend time working out your 1 year, 5 year, even your 10 year plan. Pride yourself on being IN CONTROL. You are clear, laser like in your focus and shit girl […]

I’ve Got The Guilts

Being an Aussie in Bali, everyone expects you to be in holiday mode. Yet I’m not here, holidaying. I’m here working.  It just so happens that I can do so in such a beautiful, magical location and call it a working holiday. Thanks to this thing called the internet! The minute I got off the […]

Stop Being So Available

As a woman, most of the time, I feel pulled in every direction. I have big dreams, big plans for the way I choose to live my life and work my business. Each and every day I diligently go to work on both of these crazy ass ideas.  I have my end game in sight. […]

Not Everyone Is Like You

Honestly – did she just SAY that?  OMG… What the FUCK is that about? Ever sit there and wonder what the hell is WRONG with people? Go through your day merrily thinking that everyone else is just as happy for everyone else as you are? You’re always the one is that is super excited when […]

ONE THING To Change Your Life

You know the feeling you get when you finally step foot off the plane? Feel that heat hit you like a tonne of bricks and all of a sudden you realise exactly how much tension you were  holding onto in your physical body, let alone your mind! You’ve not a care in the world, apart […]

Admit it. You wanna look shit HOT.

Ever had that experience where you’re completely on fire, in every sense? It’s great isn’t it?   You feel like a complete #sickbitch. Comfortable in your own skin. You’ve been training, making healthy food choices and not drinking alcohol.  A testament to the commitment to your new path. And then the time comes. You put on […]

Not Normal

Ever feel that you’re like an alien, misplaced? Like a fish out of water? As though perhaps you’ve been placed on this earth accidentally, but you come from another world? It can be a challenge to find your people, your family. I mean, your family are always there – they’re blood right?  Yet even so, […]

Own IT! Five Steps To Grab Life By The Balls

I know you’re a high achiever, a mover and shaker, an innovator, and ever since you can remember, you’ve been well, different. You dream bigger than big and you want the life that most people are too afraid to even think about! When you get all fired up and into the zone and tell your […]

From A Desk In Melbourne To A Beach In Bali

Ever wanted run away and leave the world behind? Felt like if you just managed to get yourself away for long enough, you’ll have a chance to get your shit together and come back fired up, ready to take on the world? Or perhaps you look at what you’ve been writing in your journal for […]

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