The other night, I had a very um – spirited – conversation at family dinner about money mindset.

I heard a fly away comment thrown around about the desire for more money and what it would take, what the options are for one to create more money in their life. It threw me into a spin because for the LOVE OF MONEY….

Money is simply a tool, an energy, a method to exchange and receive value.
Money is limitless! Whatever money you need right now is already THERE, you just can’t SEE it.
There is more than enough for everyone!!
Money will flow easily to you if you allow it to.
Money loves you and wants to be there for you, in your wallet and in your bank account.
You have the power to call in as much money as you desire.

I didn’t always understand this and I didn’t always think this way either. I grew up with the following messages around money:

— Get a good job and work your way up
— If you want more money, get a higher paying job, get another job, or cut down on your expenses
— If you want a LOT of money, you have to work really, really, hard and almost kill yourself for it
— Other people are rich and wealthy because they were born that way
— Do your best at what you do
— You can’t make money from following your “dreams”
— If you want something, save for it over x period of time and then go and get it
— There’s never enough to go around
— Oh, be careful, hold onto all your money, you never know, rainy day and all

Tonight I have realised just how far my money mindset has shifted and it took me back to all the work, the REAL work (aka the internal work) I have gone through to shift my money mindset from middle class to wealth conscious.

Here’s the truth about money.

— When you love what you do, do what comes naturally, what you’re great at, in the way that feels right for you, you can elevate your financial situation FAST
— If you desire more money, CREATE IT! Come up with an idea, create a product, service or concept around it and SELL IT to people who have the problem you can solve with your greatness
— If you want A LOT of money, serve more people, leverage and continue to ASK FOR MORE, then do what it takes to create it, plus allow yourself to receive it
— Anybody can be rich and wealthy if they decide to be and there are PLENTY of self-made millionaires who have risen from seemingly nothing, or dire circumstances to create significant wealth. Search for case studies of people who have done this and you’ll find the evidence.
— Do what you do best and monetise your magic!
— The only way you will AFFORD something is if you first commit to it, then GROW into the goal
— Your net worth is in direct correlation with your self worth. The more you value yourself, the wealthier you become. Inside out baby, inside out
— The more money you give, the more money you receive!
— Your ability to create money is only limited by YOU

You are the creator and you can shift your external reality very, very quickly once you shift your internal reality – attitudes, beliefs and values.

Once you’ve shifted your identity into the person you now choose to become.
Once you decide the outcomes you desire and know they are done, just because they ARE, because you asked for it and you know you’re worth enough to receive.
Then you take the fun, aligned, soul based actions that you’re inspired to take – you can shift your financial circumstances almost as quickly as you can click your fingers and give a wink.

How Christine, HOW?
I hear you yelling out with quiet desperation!
It’s all about the internal work.
It’s all about the internal work.
It’s all about the internal work.
Journaling, mindset work, soul healing.
THIS is the real work.

From this space, everything else falls into place. Namely, the HOW.

So this work can definitely get a little challenging from time to time. When your mind is being a stubborn bitch and holding onto old stuff. However, it’s not hard work like slaving away at a job you don’t like, or a second job, or a third. Slowly destroying your soul, losing your mojo. BLAH!

You have a choice. It is your divine RIGHT.
You always have a choice.

Do not let the past dictate your future.
And most of all –
DO NOT allow anybody else to tell you what is possible for you.
That’s for you to decide.

That is all.

Over and out.

Much Love,

Christine X

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