I am a gypsy soul
With a lil’ bit of thug life
A fashionista
Who also loves bare feet and beach curls
I’m a diva, who loves the luxe life
Who is also happy living the minimalist life

I am all heart
Sending everyone love and light
And ruthless
When it comes to living the life I was born to live

I love the hustle and bustle of the city
The silence of the forest
Feeling sand on my feet
And the sun on my skin

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the performing arts
Like seriously, it hurts how much I love the arts
I love the stage, hair, makeup, the smell of being backstage
I love weird, crazy art house movies
Ones that make me think for days, weeks on end
That leave a lasting impression, that challenge me to my very core
With deep characters who shift and evolve
I love fitness, hot yoga, high intensity cardio and strength training

I love cafes, fine dining, cocktails and shiraz
I love events, socialising with like minded people, those who are wealth conscious and are contributing to the world
I LOVE deep beats, house music that takes me to another place
A higher dimension where I can SEE into another space
I love moving my body on the dance floor

I love girly shit
Kinky lingerie, mani’s and pedi’s, massages, blow waves, make up, perfume, STYLE
I love to feel and be treated like a woman
I love being a sensual, sexual woman who embraces her erotic side
I love being driven, ambitious and self sufficient
Setting goals, creating a vision
Being unstoppable, relentless, in my pursuit of my dreams

I am a Soul Coach
Who is highly intuitive
And also Clairvoyant
I see, I hear, I feel, I know
I heal through love and light
I love working with women
Seeing their blocks, seeing their SOUL
I love giving them insight
Helping them to break free of the chains
Open their eyes to the truth

I LOVE business and entreprenership
All my life I have come up with ideas, or listened to other peoples
Then come up with the model, the strategy, the how to in 5 seconds flat
I built multi-million dollar divisions in the corporate world
Built a fitness and lifestyle coaching business twice over in 4 weeks flat
Built a coaching business in 6 weeks
With no business card, website or social media presence
Broke it down, multiple times, including now
And I’m rebuilding it once again
I LOVE creating something from nothing, from thin air, from an idea
For me, for you, for the world

I love reading, writing, speaking, sharing my knowledge and helping people THRIVE
I love to learn and research human behaviour, universal laws, personal development and success
I love money. I love creating it, I love investing it and I love spending it.

I love all of these things
And I love you.

You have permission to be who you are.
You have permission to do what you love.
You have permission to have whatever you desire.

Don’t deprive yourself for the sake of some misguided loyalty to someone other than yourself.
Or because you’re afraid to be alone, abandoned.
I promise you, you won’t be.
Find Your Wild Woman!
And become ALL you are meant to be.

Much Love,

Christine X

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