In the beginning, stuff, material things are important. The drive to achieve and push to get the next bigger or better thing is where it’s at. Looking in the mirror is a difficult exercise because there’s a void looking back at you. A void that you firmly believe will be filled with the latest and greatest, bigger and better of things. Material possessions. Stuff.

So you go about your life, pushing, striving. On the path to achieving all the material signs that show you’re something. Prove to you and the other people that you are of a certain standard, class, calibre of person.

It’s nice for a while. Until it’s not anymore. You feel empty again. An anti-climax. You’re back to the same position you started in. The thing is now sitting on the shelf, or in the wardrobe or in the garage. Gathering dust, because it really didn’t hit the spot like you thought it would.

So it’s time to set yourself up for the new goal. The new thing, experience, possession. This time, you’re sure that THIS is going to fix EVERYTHING.

And so on, and so on, and so on.

You look in the mirror and that void is still there. You wonder what the hell it’s going to take to fill it, especially considering it just seems to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger as time goes on.

The void seems to be limitless, like a big black hole swallowing you up. Tiring you out, exhausting you.

Let me ask you a thing or two…

Who would you be if all this “stuff” was taken away?
If you were left with nothing but the clothes on your back?
Who would you be if your freedom and choice were taken away from you in a flash?
Who would you BE?
Who would YOU be?

You would be a soul.
How is that feeling for you?
Do you feel a little well – void?
Well of course you do! How is that any surprise?
You’ve been “a-voiding” your soul in exchange for “the things”.

So here’s what I want you to know…

True wealth does not come from material possessions, your bank balance, the approval of other people, or from a certain standard, class or calibre.

True wealth comes from the soul, FIRST
True wealth comes from deep inside of you, FIRST
True wealth can only be built from the inside out.

I remember very early on in my journey of learning how to monetize myself and my life, I had some very lean moments financially. Coming from a six figure plus corporate job with all the trimmings, I had never imagined my life withOUT that level of money or cashflow and “stuff”.

I’m a fast learner though. VERY fast. Once you step into what your soul wants you to do and you surrender to the journey. Once you allow yourself to be guided and you choose to follow that guidance, things happen FAST. Shifts happen instantaneously without any real “work” on your part.

I recall the very moment this shifted for me. I was lying on the floor in my bedroom, staring at the mess that I was, sobbing in the fetal position because of a lack of money to pay my mortgage. The release was divine and heaven sent. I needed to get all those feelings out. Once I did, the divine moment appeared.

I got onto my knees, watching myself in the mirror, the contortions in my face as I cried. And I looked at myself. Really, really LOOKED at myself. Definitely for the first time at this depth. I saw beyond the veil. I saw beyond the shield that had been there for so long. I saw deep into myself, into my soul.

As I saw this strange reflection looking back at me. Eyes that I recognised, but didn’t recognise at the same time, I got up on my feet and I got closer. Closer and closer and closer until the tip of my nose was almost touching the mirror and my breath was fogging it up.

I spoke aloud. To myself, to the universe, to my soul.
With a power rising within me that I had never before known.

I said;
You can take it ALL away. ALL. OF. IT.
But you will never, NEVER, EVER – take away my soul.
You can never take away my spirit.

What I thought was a moment of death within me, a moment I thought I would never return from, was in fact, THE moment of LIFE. Of rising. Of standing the fuck back up and CLAIMING who I truly am and what I am capable of.

In that moment, my entire world shifted.
Everything changed.
I surrendered. To myself. To my soul. To the journey.
I went with my flow.

So here’s what I want to say to you today lovely.
Stop looking outside of yourself, to people and things.
For the answers, confirmation, the solution.
For approval, validation, acceptance.

Go within.
Because all that you are and all that you need is already there.
Your job isn’t to go around looking and searching.
Your job is to come home to YOU.

You are who and what you’ve been looking for all along.

Much Love,

Christine x

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