Let’s Talk About…

Don’t talk to me and give me a run down of your day, every damn boring step of it
Don’t talk to me about what he said, she said, you said
Don’t talk to me about what is going on in your neighbour’s best friends’, brother-in-law’s life
Don’t talk to me about how little money you have and how you can’t do anything about it
Don’t talk to me about how you think the state of the world is awful and well, that’s just how it is
Don’t talk to me about writing yourself off with alcohol or drugs or the next party which is clearly an escape rather than opportunity to play
Don’t talk to me about your limits, why you can’t, why you won’t, why it’s just not for you
Don’t talk to me if you’re a drainer who has nothing to contribute but negativity and stuff that makes no damn difference
Don’t talk to me if your language is poor and all you do is put people down and bad mouth them
Don’t talk to me if you have a lack of respect for your fellow human beings, particularly women
Do NOT talk to me about the latest reality show you’re wasting your most precious resource – TIME – watching
Don’t talk to me if you’re a lazy as fuck person who would rather sit on their ass and complain than do something about it
Don’t talk to me if all you do is reminisce about the “good old days” and can’t see that life is right NOW in this moment and you’re never getting those days back!
Don’t talk to me out of obligation, because you feel you have to – God knows I won’t.
Don’t talk to me if you’re a sheep, baaah, baaah, following the damn herd and you don’t have a voice of your own

Lets talk about what inspires you
Lets talk about expansion, about growth about evolution.
Lets about the stars, the moon, the universe.
Lets about the truth, about consciousness.
Lets talk about how you’ve changed your view of the world and how far you have come
Lets talk about what you’re aiming to achieve and how you’re going to bring it to life
Lets talk about how you can contribute, how you can impact.
Lets talk about the amazing things you’re doing in the world to create change and to help others be the best they can be.
Lets talk about travel, new experiences and new lessons you have learnt
Lets talk about how you have a billion dollars of worth sitting around in your mind, in your soul and in your psyche and what you’re doing to share it with the world and create more wealth for yourself and others
Lets talk about love, about adventure, about play, about laughter and bliss
And when we talk about your challenges, lets talk about them in a way that you know they’re your next stepping stone, rather than a reason to stop and stand still.
Lets talk about how much you’ve learned by being an unbiased observer of others in the world – whether you agree or disagree with the way they do things
Lets talk about how you are living each and every day like it’s your last with reckless abandon and unwavering determination towards the dreams and the vision you desire
Lets talk about how you’re standing up for what you believe in, regardless of the fact that in some other time or place you might have been stoned to death or persecuted for it.
Lets talk about sex and multiple full body orgasms
Lets talk about your heart, your soul, what you ACHE to create and what you LONG to explore

You are powerful beyond measure and so much is opening up to you right now. Don’t you SEE?

My biggest, strongest most PASSIONATE desire is that you SEE. You are so much MORE.
So much more than you’re living and being right now.

You however, must take responsibility for all that you put out there and all you allow in.
This is your reality, your creation. Manage it that way.

Accept your mission.
Accept your purpose.
Accept your calling.
Accept your gifts.

Surrender now and let the light in.
Then shine girl, SHINE.

Much Love,

Christine X

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