I am so truly blessed to be able to work with such amazing women and have a ridiculously LOVE filled tribe of LUXE ladies making shit happen!

They are driven, ambitious and already successful
Yet, they know there’s MORE.
The reason they come to me in the first place is not because they want me to convince them they CAN live their dreams, they already know that. It’s because they know they have a blindspot.

Even though, they wake up every day knowing their schedule, knowing they’re going to go about their day with passion and gusto
Even though their life looks as though the have got it going on
Even though they are looked up to, they are inspiring and they are already creating an impact and difference in the world in their current line of work, in their family and in their community.

They’re still seeking
Knowing there must be more.
Feeling that while things are good, great even on the outside
On the inside,
Things are a little well, off.

And as each day passes, continuing on the path that they’re on is sending them into a bit of a spin.
They feel their insides shrivelling up.
They have this desire deep inside themselves
A feeling, a vision, an inkling.
A knowing.

Sometimes they can put words around it
Most of the time, it’s just something they FEEL
And they want to explore it. Understand it.
Work it out.
It’s a tug.
A niggle.

To go within
To reach into the depths of their soul and understand
Who they are, REALLY.
What their purpose is in this lifetime.
What they are called to actually DO in the world.
What their true GIFTS are and how they can OWN them.
What their MAGIC is and how they can OWN that.
How they can become the woman they can feel inside of them
The woman they can see in their dreams and in their visions
How they can BE that woman, day in, day out
How they can make money doing their soul’s work and what they LOVE
And how they can LIVE the life they were born for.

The life that allows them to wake up with passion and create amazing adventures
It allows them to come from the heart and spread their light and love into the world
The life and soul work that allows them to SHINE from the inside, out
To create a legacy, to create an impact, to make a difference and change the world.
To laugh, have choice and FREEDOM.
To do what they want, when they want, how they want, with who they want
To make the billions they want to make so they can live the LUXE life.
To look hot, be hot and sizzle with sass.

At the end of the day, they want to lay their head down knowing they have given it their ALL.
Not a half assed attempt.
Not even a 99% effort.
They want to go to bed at night knowing
They’re IN baby.
One MILLION percent.

They’re in this life like they MEAN IT.

On purpose.
Being ALL they are meant to be.
Living the life they were born for.

Cool as fuck.
Fun. Bliss.

All in.
Day in, day out.
Day, after day, after day.

And let’s be honest, what other way IS there to live?

You too? Thought so lovely.
I can FEEL you.
I can also SEE you right now too.
Standing up, saying enough is enough and finally claiming it all.

You chose to have this human experience for a reason.
You are not here by accident.
You have a soul purpose.
But none of that matters, if you don’t actually OWN IT.
Step into who you were born to be and live like it MATTERS.

It’s in your hands baby.
What are you choosing?

Choose LIFE!

Much Love,

Christine x


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