Back before I started my business, lived this life, I worked in the corporate world. Corporate Insurance Broking to be exact. High flying corporate hot shot with a national role in Sales, Business Development, Leadership and Management.

I had all the trimmings of the corporate life – a six figure plus salary, which afforded me an apartment in one of Melbourne’s hot spots, the wardrobe, the lifestyle, the pampering, the cafe and restaurant culture.

Most people looked at me and thought I had it going on. I had my shit together. But underneath the bravado, I was slowly dying a painful death. I remember the exact moment I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror at the office on a Monday morning after having spent the entire night before at the dirty disco (because that’s what you do when you’re living the wrong life) that if this, THIS is what it’s about – I didn’t want to LIVE anymore.

In that moment, I DECIDED it just had to change. Up until that point, I’d been dreaming, I’d been talking, visualising, kind of wasting my days away hoping that “one day” things would be different. That one day, I would somehow fall into the life, the business, the body, the relationship and the feeling of FREEDOM that I had been dreaming of. That somehow magically, a unicorn would ride in and whisk me away to the REAL life I was supposed to be living.

Truth be told, if I had known then what I known now – I probably would have got to where I am so much QUICKER. And yet at the same time, I know-

It is what it is
My journey is my journey
It had to happen the way it happened
So I could learn what I needed to learn
And share those learnings with the world, with YOU
To empower, to inspire.

At the same time, I know there were so many points in time when I could have chosen differently.
Time wasted, to never be reclaimed.

Which is why I’m writing this post for you today.
Because let’s be honest now girlfriend.
You KNOW that right now, when you look back, there have been those moments, those crossroads where you could have chosen differently and yet

You stopped
You shrunk away, wanting to be invisible
You went and lay down on the couch for a little nap
So you could breathe
Think, contemplate, plan
Do some mindless errand or task that you deemed “important” in that moment
Decided that you would sit down and watch some mind numbing TV
Go to bed early and start tomorrow

You tell yourself
No, not now, not yet
I still have so many things I have to learn
More research to be done
Things I must perfect
Weight I must lose
Hair that has to be done
Maybe it wasn’t for me anyway
Maybe that’s for all those other people who seem to have their shit together

So the moment passes you by
That fleeting moment of inspiration
The beauty of FLOW
The feeling of freedom
Of total alignment
Just disappears.

Honey, let me tell you –
Life is made up of those moments
You’re living the result of those moments right now.
YOU are the creator.
Tomorrow you’ll be living your future too, if you’re lucky
So my question to you is;

HOW MANY MORE GOLDEN, DIVINE MOMENTS will you let pass you by before you finally decide;
That’s it.
Enough is enough?

Aren’t you just D.O.N.E?!?!
Done doing stuff, work that is not what your soul wants you to do
Done being a shadow of yourself and hiding the LIGHT that is within you, the greatness, the power, the for lack of a better word, BIGNESS that is YOU!
Done living a life that is not the one you were born for
Hanging with people that are only holding you back
Doing things that in the scheme of things don’t matter?

I’m sure you’ve had plenty of these moments that have passed you by, day after day, after day. What I want you know is this-

Whatever you feel inside of you is real. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let anybody rain on your parade. Shit on your lawn.

Your dreams, your visions, those ideas – they’re real honey. Please honour them like you KNOW that you were given this vision as only you could have been, so that you may fulfil it and bring your power, your greatness to it!

I hate to break it to you though, it’s not just going to HAPPEN by accident. It’s not going to happen if you’re only giving it a half assed attempt. If you’re dipping the toe in the water and then retreating when things seem a little scary.

Please. I’m begging you.
Do not DIE with your light still inside of you.
And if you’re WAITING for the right time, let me tell you –
The only thing that will bring it to life is YOU.

Keeping your eye and mind focused on where you’re heading.
Moving towards the vision in your mind.
Taking action, no matter how big or small, a step.
Now. And every subsequent now.
Whether you feel like it or not.
Whether you know what to do or not.
Whether your emotions have got the better of you or not.

Remember, today is the outcome.
Today is the future.
Today is the goal.
The moment is right now.
And every moment from hereon in.

Get on purpose.
Become the woman you’re meant to be; and
Live the life you were born for.

Much Love,

Christine X

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