Are you happy? Like, deeply, truly happy?
With who you see when you look in the mirror? I mean both physically and spiritually.
With the way you’re spending your day?
The people who are in your circle?
The amount of money you make?
The lifestyle you live?

It’s so much more – it’s far DEEPER than this. All of this stuff, the *things* are just an external reflection of what’s happening inside of you.

The true question I want to ask you is –
Are you ALIVE?
Are you even LIVING?

Do you wake up every day, excited and energised? Ready to jump, no LEAP head first into everything you GET to do? All that you get to experience for the day? Are you genuinely blissful from deep down in your soul, so much so that you feel like you’re flying way up there where the clouds are, even above them? Do you go about your day doing exactly what you’re called to, what lights you up and what you’re meant to be doing?

Or are you the type of person who begrudgingly rolls over, hits snooze, because the life you’ve gotta get up for is worse than the one you’ve been dreaming about while you’ve been asleep?

It amazes me how many people don’t take the time to actually look in the mirror, check in. Instead, they go through the day with an air of melancholy and vagueness. Every now and then asking themselves what they need and then fulfilling that need [a rest, food, drugs, alcohol, TV, mindless distracting stuff] with something other than what it is that you really, really, DEEPLY and truly desire.

Which is to LIVE. Like you mean it!

Because you can’t.
You won’t.
Not now.
You don’t have the time / money / energy.
It’s too hard.
The kids / your man / your parents / your boss.
There’s just so much on your plate right now.
You have to lose weight / get fit first.

So another day passes by – tomorrow, yep. Tomorrow.
Tomorrow you’ll actually start to LIVE.
Which begs the question about right now, doesn’t it?
What you are doing if you aren’t living?

I’ll tell you what you’re doing – you’re DYING.
Ouch! I know. Sad, but true.

I say this with so much love in my heart and so much respect for you because I SEE YOU over there.

Make no mistake girl – you are either LIVING or you are DYING.

There is no in between.
There is no pause button.
It’s either one or the other.

Each and every day that you choose to put off what it is that you’re truly called to do. Put off showing up in the world as exactly who you really, truly ARE at your core. Put off speaking your truth, standing in you power. Each day you put off stepping more into the woman you were meant to be and you put off living the life you were born for;

The more you DIE inside.
And outside for sure.

Another little piece of your soul just stops breathing.
The light starts to dim a little more.
Your mojo simmers, rather than boils.

And before you know it, time is ticking on
That confidence you once had, the belief and the KNOWING
It’s faded away into nothing but a dream.
A dream that you swore you would make a reality.
But didn’t.
Not because you couldn’t.
Because you wouldn’t

You chose to FIGHT instead.
When really, all you needed to do
Was to stop fighting everything within you
And instead, GIVE IN

To your soul’s calling, your true purpose
To the woman you’re meant to be
To the live you were born to live

You do realise right, that the choice is always yours?

You are so powerful lovely. I wish I could somehow implant this KNOWING into your being. I wish I could reach through this computer screen right now and just shake you and WAKE YOU to the fact that…

You were born for greatness.
Success is your birthright.
There IS more to life than what you’ve been living
You DO have a powerful voice and a message to share with the world
You DO have a purpose, you were born with it and only YOU can fulfil it – nobody else!
You are powerful beyond measure.

But it’s not going to happen while you’re kidding yourself. Or while you sit pretty and wait, wish and hope for something, someone to come along. Or perhaps a stalk to fly into the window with a basket of goodies, saying NOW! Yes NOW is the time for you.

Honey, let me tell you. Ain’t going to happen that way.
That’s the path to a long, slow, painful, death.
Days filled with sacrifice, frustration and resentment.

I’ll tell you how it’s going to happen.
It will happen in a flash.
In a split second.
Just like that.
You’ll snap.
Or the switch will flick.
And you’ll wonder – what the HELL took you so long?
What on EARTH have you been doing up until this point?

And just like that, you’ll never look back again.
Only forward with your bold in one pocket and your brave in the other.
A little sass sprinkled over your chest.
And definitely a whole lot of spunk.
A little attitude in your strut.
Throwing glitter wherever you go.
And a whole lot of HEART pouring out.

Leading the way.
Standing up.
Giving in.

I love you. It’s now, or it’s never.

What are you choosing?


Much Love,

Christine X

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