We want it ALL and we want it YESTERDAY

make amazing shit happen

So excited to bring together a group of truly shit HOT women who KNOW it’s their time.
Make your mark.
Live life in the fast lane: work hard, train hard, play hard, chill hard.

the tools to bring everything to the surface

Christine’s program came at a time when I needed it most. Every day of this program bought me the clarity, focus and understanding of my emotions and daily struggles. Determining my End game, knowing my values and setting my intentions have been my anchor. Writing and reading my journal has shown me that I knew most this all along and Christine gave me the tools to bring everything to the surface. This has helped me immensely. I’ve recommended to all my family and friends and have bought this as a gift for those close to me. This is an invaluable and must do! Christine knows her shit, she is real, she is honest and she has lived this journey. She’s one woman who knows what she’s talking about. Her teaching comes for love and experience. Who better to learn from!

I cannot recommend this program enough. Christine’s trainings are so personal, they felt like they were written just for me. She is always on hand to help with any questions or doubts and gives no nonsense advice which is what I loved, she will not bullshit and tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to hear but supports you through it too. A business/life coach with a heart!



word on the street

I have some awesome news to share. I’m off to London! Career break from work is sorted, visa is on it’s way. I’m excited about not having a plan just yet. I’ll get there and just wing it. I have you to thank for pushing me to follow my dream!


You have inspired me to pursue and chase my dreams and goals. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you, it will remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements. Thank you for always empowering me and stretching me to dream bigger things that I could never think to accomplish.


Your input, your questioning, understanding, conversation, challenges and pushing the boundaries gave me a great insight into myself. People keep asking me what we did…and I just couldn’t quantify or explain it in words. I told them about the activities, however it was more about the conversation and challenges you put to us that were of most impact.


I had many dreams but no direction. Christine helped me identify what was holding me back and that I should do things for ME! I’m now working on my dream project and have the tools for any upcoming dreams to be fulfilled.


Thank you for the life changing experience. I really feel that I could not have transitioned to the next chapter of my life, if not for you. You really helped me clear the fog and make better decisions about my life. Thank you so much.


I feel alive again! I never thought that I would change as a person for the better. My partner, family and friends can see and have embraced the new me. I have never come across somebody like Christine. Someone who is truly there to support YOU and make sure that YOU reach your goals.


Dream bigger than BIG

Know that in this group, we’ve got each other’s backs.
We are here to keep each other accountable to dream AND play bigger than BIG.
Because truth is ­ the rest of the world surely won’t.

skills to tackle the real issues

With absolute certainty and 100% honesty, I can say that working with Christine has changed (and improved!) my life in more ways than I thought. In only a few sessions, Christine has given me the power and confidence to open my life to more options, realise where my strengths and weaknesses really lie and widened my vision FAR beyond belief. I commenced our sessions thinking we were going to attend to one certain aspect of my life/career, however with the right questions and her amazing ability to delve deeper into my answers, we quickly realised there was more. Plenty more!

It has been a long time since I had such a bright vision for my future, however since working with Christine, I am SO excited to put my plans to action and take what comes. She has given me the skills to tackle the real issues at hand – not only for my current situations, but for life. The skills she has taught me I really have learnt for life. Christine has truly been an inspiration to work with and I cannot wait to undertake more coaching and life lessons. Thank you Christine, I owe it to you!


Business Analyst, Melbourne

Are you one of us?

Here’s what I think when I think of the type of woman you are and
the type of business you’re on the path to create

  • You are awesome and pretty damn crazy
  • You’ve been told the way you think is not normal
  • You dream bigger than anybody else you know
  • You are a type A high achiever, an action taker ­ somewhat aggressive in getting shit done
  • You love the finer things in life, VIP baby ­ all the way
  • You live life in the fast lane. Work Hard, Train Hard, Play Hard, Chill Hard
  • You want to create everything on a grand scale – create something BIG, impact the world in a BIG way, make the BIG money.

Basically you DOMINATE

You have a deep fire inside of you and you have super high standards for yourself.

You know it’s all in the attitude, in fact, you’ve been told you have attitude PLUS.

You do not take kindly to being told what to do, YOU know best for YOU.

You are not afraid to say it like it is, yet you always come from the heart and with compassion.

You never say DIE. You already KNOW that you CAN and WILL have it all, it’s just a matter of time.