You’re so TOGETHER. You’re in charge. You’re self sufficient.
You’re successful and you’ve got it going on.
Yet, you’re CRAVING.

It’s a deep primal urge that is calling out to you. Like all primal urges, it’s coming up through the most intimate of ways – through sex.

As much as you’ve got it going on, you dominate! When it comes to the bedroom…

You want to be DOMINATED.

You’re searching for a man who will devour you. A man who will shower you with intimate attention, devotion. You want to feel that soft, slow, sensual, sexual DESIRE.

You want to relinquish control right now and have him TAKE YOU GODDAMN IT!

Can I tell you a secret? Can I share with you exactly what you’re looking for? What this primal urge is trying to show you?

This is the sign… the bells going off from deep within your soul. You’re teetering on the edge….

What you’re REALLY looking for, is to SURRENDER.
Finally surrender into your true POWER.
To fall into your femininity.

Right now there’s an energetic shift happening and it’s so beautiful to see.

It’s not that you want a rest, to slow down, to give up or to even, god forbid compromise on your goals, visions and inspirations. Hell NO!! You’re driven and ambitious and NOTHING is going to stop you.

Yet, you wonder…

It begins in the bedroom. After a long day of bossing up and living with intention, you want to come home and FEEL. You want to FALL. You want passion, sensuality, to be RAVAGED.

You want to feel like a damn WOMAN.
You want PLEASURE.
You want DESIRE.
You want FIRE.

Once he does begin to take you and you develop the connection, the trust and the honour. You begin to relax. Allow yourself to RECEIVE.

The pleasure. Oh – the pleasure. Multiple full body orgasms anyone?
The masculine. You DESIRE him. Crave him. NEED him.
The FIRE. It starts to circle in your womb, throughout your whole body. Giving you energy you’ve never known before.
The POWER. It allows you to fall into who you really are.

Soon enough, you’ll begin to shift into this state of receiving outside of the bedroom too. In life, with money, in your health, your business, everywhere.

It’s in this moment you’ll realise…

Holy fucking shit! You’ve been doing this backwards.

Right now the energy balance between the masculine and the feminine is building. It’s rising faster and faster.

Feminism is dying off and personally, I couldn’t be happier. Feminism started as a movement towards equality between men and women. What it’s ended up being is a masculine movement of women who are trying to prove their equality by being like men.

It’s sad because we aren’t like men, at all. Thank GOD! We are women and we are feminine.

What comes up for you when I say, “Feminine?” Do you roll your eyes? Do you want to puke and get on with the push? I know how you feel, because that used to be me. The mere thought of femininity would send me into a spin.

Weak. Incapable. Emotional. Sooky. Unsuccessful. Soft. Hopeless. Girly. Dumb.

That’s what I thought whenever I used to hear the word feminine or femininity. I did everything like a man. Worked, trained, thought, behaved, had sex, spoke.

It’s no wonder I was imploding.
No wonder I looked in the mirror and couldn’t recognise myself.
Didn’t know who I was, what I was.
Where I was going, what I really wanted.


The search for equality was never about being like a man.
It was always about standing in your own FEMININE power.
And rising.
To love.
To heal.
To change the world.
Bring it back into balance.

In fact, the deeper you fall into yourself, the higher your drive and ambition rises.

It’s divine to see what is now happening in the world on an energetic level.

Women falling into the feminine POWER.
Men rising into their masculine POWER.
Two complete parts, creating a powerful WHOLE.

Rising together.
Healing together.
Shifting together.

My beautiful ladies out there who are hearing me.
I SEE you.
I FEEL you.
For you are about to go through the biggest and most profound transformation you could have ever imagined.

I urge you to stay open and realise there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, this is the knowledge and the power you have been searching for. This is the piece that will finally make you WHOLE and allow you to rise beyond heights you have ever dreamed possible.

Love yourself. You are divine. You are WOMAN.


Much Love,

Christine X

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