It’s Monday morning, just after 6.30am in Bali. I’m sitting at the W Hotel at Fire and watching out over the ocean. Feeling the humidity on my skin and the sun starting to come up. Palm trees abound and workers going about starting their day making the pool beautiful for the hundreds of people who will descend here today to claim their little piece of paradise for a small moment in time.

A time for which they have saved, they have planned meticulously. Perhaps even more so than life itself. They will hold onto the memories they create in this moment in time. They will hold onto them for as long as they can and yet when their plane touches on home soil and they return to their grind, very quickly it will be a distant memory, like it never existed. A dream they never wanted to wake from.

Pretty soon, the stresses of normal life will take priority once again where they wish their days, their nights and their entire LIVES away until the next time they can take a break, save up enough money, get holidays approved, get away.

Life, wrapped up in a bubble. Moments in time in a foreign land.

Thoughts of living the dream fade away into the reality of how things really are. Ideas of businesses to begin, contributions to be made, impact to be had all fall away with the dream of the holiday paradise.

Back into the matrix. Back into the box. Back into the shoulds, the have to’s, the ought to’s. Back into the place that keeps them stuck, that keeps them unwell, keeps them overweight. Back into the place that kills their dreams.

And yet, out here, there are an ever increasing number of us that see there IS another way. Not just see there is another way, in fact KNOW there is another way because we are living it.

Where this is not a moment in time.
Where instead, this is LIFE.
Not a dream to wake up from, but a reality to be lived, daily.

I don’t say this with attitude.
I say this with immense gratitude.
The more of us there are out here paving the way, the more we will show the rest of the planet how they too can step outside of the matrix and claim their destiny.

At any moment in time, you can choose differently. You can choose to understand the power within you, that you are a creator and whatever you DECIDE and follow through with, is a done deal.

At any moment in time, you can decide that every day is going to be filled with joy, love, bliss, drive, challenge and striving for the ultimate dream you now choose to make a reality.

At any moment in time, you can choose to claim your truth and destiny. And go about shifting your entire reality.

The thing is, it’s not going happen unless you truly decide and commit. You can’t go half assed into this thing and expect it pay off.

It’s also not about pushing like a freaking psychopath. Pushing is only going to keep away from you the very things that you’re striving for. You won’t see it coming, because you’re so focused on making it happen one particular way and so when it does come in, according to the path of least resistance, you’ll miss the damn thing, wondering why it’s STILL not happening.

It requires letting go of everything you thought you knew about life, about love, about work, about YOU. This is the part where people slip up. They think who they’ve been until now is going to get them there, and when they see how much must be released and let go of, they freak the fuck out and go back into the box, confined to what they know. Confined to joining the dots and making “sure” things are going to work out, just so.

Which in the end, isn’t just so at all. It ends up being so far off the damn path that you’re right back where you started.

Death. Ego.
This is where most stop, defeated.

Realise this is just the beginning. Everything you have been and done until now has been the un-becoming. The undoing of all those things you needed to undo so you could touch the truth of who you are. Emptying out so the light can make it’s way in.

I’m not really sure where this post is going to be honest. It started off as a journal entry and somewhere along the way I decided it was going to be exactly what I post today.

I guess what I really desire to share with you today is this –
You can be, do or have anything you want.
It’s just that most people aren’t willing to pay the price to make it happen. And that’s cool, I guess not everyone is cut out for this. You have every right to turn around and say no – and stick with what you know, go back to your grind and settle knowing there is another way but it’s not for you.

And then there are those who are called.
Who can’t not.
Who every single day, look in the mirror and see potential unfulfilled and know that no matter how far they come will always see that there’s more.
Who every single day are PULLED by a thought that says; “Surely, it’s not supposed to be like this.”
So they keep searching, keep learning, keep growing and keep moving forward, closer to the dream, because deep down inside, they know it’s real.

Into the wild they go.

And to those people,
I see you.
I honour you.
I respect you.
I love you.

Keep going because yes, what is inside your head is real. It’s the way you are being called to uncover and discover your truth.

Much Love,

Christine X

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