Every now and then do you get a little apathetic and less than enthused about your day?

It’s a creeper this mindset. Slowly, slowly it chips away, day after day, you drag your feet a little more. And eventually things might even come to a grinding halt.

You wonder what the hell is up with you? Why you’re so tired, bored and unmotivated. You have big crazy goals, in comparison to those normal people, you’re not there yet – so surely, SURELY that would be enough to put that fire cracker up your backside.

Alas, no. It’s not.

You might make yourself believe that you’re off purpose, you start to question what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, whether it’s even right, whether it IS in fact the life you were born for. Maybe the normal people are right, maybe it IS a fantasy.

Honey, listen up. No – just, NO!
No, it is NOT a fantasy.
No, the normal people are not right.
No, there is nothing wrong with you.
However, there might be something manky about the way you’re thinking right now.

I used to let this mindset and attitude make me stop dead in my tracks. Maybe my purpose was wrong, maybe I had tapped into the wrong calling, maybe I needed to just get clearer on my message.

Sneaky fucking thing. EGO. Oh sure, it wants to keep you safe and sound. Keep you where you’re at because you know it, you can do it with your eyes closed. It’s kinda comfortable, until it’s not anymore.

Even though your ego is feeling dandy.
Your soul is screaming out for you to listen up.
By kicking in with boredom.
Releasing hormones that make you sleepy.
Boo hoo – I don’t WANNA!

Want to know what’s REALLY going on?

You’ve chickened out of the vision.
You’ve set your goals too damn low.
You’re not motivated because who would be going for a fraction of what they really want.
You’re right – you’re not on purpose, because your purpose is so much BIGGER than you’re truly committing to!

WHAAAATTT??!!! How did this even happen I hear you asking me!

Like I said, it’s in the way you’ve been thinking. The way you feel about yourself. The way you believe business and life must be done.

You might look at those big, crazy ass goals and dreams and think to yourself;
No, not now
Not yet
You can’t
You’ve gotta do THIS first
Then you’ve still gotta do THAT
Step by step
You’re not ready
You’re not experienced enough
You’re not successful enough
You’re not enough

Honey, let me tell you. You are as ready NOW as you’re ever going to be. There is no other moment than NOW. Right now, this very moment is made up of a gazillion moments before, that were also moments, like this very one here. And what has led you to this point right now, are all the moments before this one! Read that again – trust me you’ll get it the second time around.

So let me ask you…
When is the right time?
When are you enough?
When are you ready?

The answer is NOW.
Go ALL THE DAMN WAY girlfriend.
Because there is no future time when you’re going to be more ready.
Every moment is stacked on top of this one right now.

Make a decision.
Make a decision right NOW.

Choose to go all the way in, BIG.
Even if it seems crazy, even if it makes absolutely no sense.

Stop waiting, wishing and hoping.

Be bold.
Be brave.
Be banging!

It’s time to make it happen.

Much Love,

Christine X

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